Vital Colon Cleanse Information

Some of the most vital colon cleanse information for you to understand is that a thorough cleaning of the digestive system can help prevent candidasis and constipation.  This is because the colon is a repository for bacteria and toxins which can be reabsorbed by your body when normal bowel movements do not occur because of compacted feces collecting upon the walls of the digestive system.

Candidasis is a condition that results from an overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans within your gastrointestinal tract (also occurs in vagina).  Basically, it is a yeast infection whose symptoms may include:  fatigue, abdominal pain, headaches, indigestion, diarrhea, mucus in stool, acne, rashes, and even distorted vision in severe cases.  The condition appears in the gastrointestinal tract due to a weakened immune system.  Accurate colon cleanse information should explain the consequences of a weakened immune system upon the body.

Other vital colon cleanse information includes a thorough explanation of the serious health consequences that can result from prolonged periods of constipation.  While infrequent bowel movements are quite common due to improper diet, side effects from new medication, or even dehydration—the truth is that chronic constipation involving abdominal or back pain is a warning sign of future medical problems if left untreated.

Essential colon cleanse information that needs to be understood by all is that any delay in normal bowel movements increase the chances for infection and a weakened immune system.  Feces are nothing short of toxic waste filled with harmful bacteria and the colon is the storage facility for this waste until it is time for a bowel movement.  Blockages of any kind or even delayed bowel movements permit these harmful bacteria and toxins to reabsorb into the body and weaken the immune system.

Other essential colon cleanse information to consider is that at any given time, there may be up to 8 undigested meals in your colon.  Even for those of us who are fiber-fanatics (fiber helps regulate bowel movements and ensure regularity) and take excellent care of their bodies, there can still be at least 3 undigested meals in the colon.  Undigested food can putrefy and ferment so that toxins are released into the body.  This, too, will contribute to a depleted immune system that can leave your body less able to defend itself against disease and infection.

Finally, there is good colon cleanse information because a thorough cleaning of the entire digestive tract will remove compacted feces.  By doing so, a colon cleanser helps “clear the pipes” so blockages and the resulting chronic constipation do not occur.  This will help maintain a healthy immune system and prevent problems like candidasis from occurring.  Important colon cleanse information to remember is that cleansers made from all natural ingredients are preferred to those made from chemicals or narcotics because they may cause harmful side effects.

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